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Funeral of John Higdon
The funeral is Thursday 17th April at Leatherhead Crematorium at 2.45. John was a long term member LCGB Dorking Branch and Treasurer for many years and subsequently Auditor.

Members only

Club AGM Saturday 26th April 2014 at 14.30

The Club AGM will take place at 14.30 at Keen House, 4 Calshot Street, London N1 9DA
N.B. Please send notification of attendance to the Club Secretary, Peter Crossman

12.00-14.00 Branch Officers meeting over a working lunch at Keen House.

14.00-14.30 Reception: Tea and Coffee available.
Meet your MC and fellow Club members.
The Club Library will be open for browsing and purchasing of surplus books plus viewing of some of the MRC's layouts.
Details of Club tours and visits at home and abroad will be available.

14.30 Annual General Meeting.
Your chance to have a say on how the Club is run.
If you have any concerns that require a full answer please inform the Club Secretary in writing in advance.

Depending on when the AGM actually finishes;
Ca 16.00-17.50
Entertainment presented by Adrian Palmer and Robin Patrick.

Ca 17.50 End of the AGM. Closing Remarks.

18.00 Post-AGM Dinner at La Vigata Italian restaurant, opposite Keen House.
Members, wives and friends all welcome.
Please notify Bob Stonehouse (contact details in the Bulletin) by 25th April,
including the April CLB meeting

The Club AGM is an essential part of the Club's calendar and it is your opportunity to raise any concerns, make any comments or even heap praises on how the Club is run.

2013 Overseas Reunion
held at the Victory Service Club on 11th January 2014.

The LCGB Overseas Reunion took place in the Carisbrooke Hall at the Victory Services Club near Marble Arch on January 11th 2014 beginning with a review of our 2013 tours.

These were in both slide and electronic digital format and included the trips to Madagascar, Bulgaria, Norway and the failed attempt to reach Kaliningrad by steam.

After the lunch break our Chairman Bob Breakwell addressed the more than a hundred strong gathering, then Laurie Marshall accepted his Hugh Ballantyne Trophy award in person.

There followed another splendid picture show of the proposed 2014 tours to, as the song says, far away places with strange sounding names. These included such things as the Dordrecht Steam Festival, another German Plandampf based on Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, a very ambitious tour to North Korea, with others to countries including Albania, Cambodia, Brazil and Finland.

Laurie Marshall then presented another wonderful show of his adventures photographing Steam on the Indian Subcontinent. As was once said by the indian railway staff about Laurie; Mr Marshall your visits are good for discipline!

After Lauries's tour de force the emphasis moved on to moving images with a DVD show presented by Roy Laverick. Roy showed three of his splendid offerings. The first was of one of his earlier visits to China followed by the 2011 Trans-Siberian trip to Vladivostok and the 2013 Trans Mongolian trip where we turned right at Ulan Ude for Ulan Bator, Beijing and on to Shanghai.

The early evening show was of Poland in the 60s and 70s where some very good-looking steam power was seen interspersed by tales of arrests by suspicious police officers of those photographing trains -sounds like somewhere we know in the Noughties! All three presenters deserve our grateful thanks for such excellent afternoon's entertainment.

The Overseas Study Tours are the very lifeblood of The Club and, to put it quite simply, without their financial success the LCGB would not exist. The January Reunion therefore serves two main purposes.

One is an opportunity for participants in the past year's memorable tours to renew acquaintances and to encourage support for the joys of, and book on, the tours in the coming year. The other is simply to allow the membership to enjoy a jolly good get-together.

The Overseas Reunion is thus one of the Club's flagship functions and this one was yet another one to be proud of. After a couple of years of unsatisfactory food service the lunchtime arrangements actually worked very well and the only real problem was that the heating failed in the hall in the afternoon.

Grateful thanks must go to the Overseas Tours committee, under Adrian Palmer's highly capable direction, for organising such an excellent event. Particular thanks must go to Colin Miell, assisted by his son Christopher, and Jeremy Harrison, for bearing the brunt of the technicalities in showing the pictures. The Club also thanks John Cramp, John Humphries, Lionel Price, Fred Pugh, Mike Smyth and Geoff Warren for their much-appreciated contributions to the morning session.

For those of you reading this report who are not in LCGB then we hope it is obvious by now that membership of LCGB brings great benefits and this wonderful day of revelling in overseas railways is just one. Our Overseas Study Tours are run by members for members only, usually on a no-frills basis, so we can reach the same destinations as advertised by fully-commercial operators but at significantly less cost.


2012 Photographic Competition

Click to see results and all the winning photographs.

This is a big pdf file which will take a little time to load
but the photographs are saved as high quality images.



Issue No.184 December 19th 2013 - page 41 features Jack Turner and his book 'Nationalisation to Preservation'.


Issue No.422 published 6 December 2013, page 32. Coverage of the intended commemoration by the Isle of Wight Steam Railway and Kent and East Sussex Railway of the last train to Hayling Island 50 years ago which was of course operated by the LCGB.

The KESR train did not run due to failure of both Terriers but the IOWSR train ran successfully with W8 'Freshwater' carrying reproductions of both the large Club headboard and the small badge headboard.

Issue No.416 June 21 2013 - as part of its Mallard 75 coverage there is a photo by Gavin Morrison of Mallard at Tiverton Junction on the Club's Westcountryman Railtour of 24 February 1963.

Alongside is what looks like Dave Rollins about to place the larger Club headboard on Mallard's bufferbeam. Also in the same issue on page 30 in 'News in Brief' is a mention of St. Albans Branch's 50th anniversary function at the preserved St. Albans South signal box.


August 2013 - Single Lines column, page 68 - mentions the recent celebration of St. Albans Branch 50th anniversary at the preserved St. Albans City signalbox.


March 2013 issue - article about the working life of a Toton Engineman , William Webb, including description of his his working of the LCGB 'Notts and Lincs Railtour' of 24 April 1965 with a couple of photos and a copy of the full Special Trafffic Notice for the Tour.

JANUARY 2013 ISSUE - this includes two articles partly illustrated with pictures of LCGB Railtours

Article entitled 'Steam Days at Poole' includes picture of Q class 0-6-0 No. 30548 at Hamworthy Goods on the 'Hampshire Venturer Railtour' of 18 April 1964 and BR Standard 2-6-0s Nos. 76026 and 77014 at the same location on the 'Dorset and Hants Railtour' of 16 October 1966.

Article about the BR Standard class 4 2-6-4 tanks includes a photo of No.80151 with 2-6-2T No.41320 on the rear at Lymington Junction on the 'Hampshire Branch Lines Railtour' of 9 April 1967. This was the Club's penultimate steam Railtour on the Southern Region.

APRIL 2012 ISSUE – Excellent article by Don Benn describing the Club’s famous ‘Kentish Venturer’ Railtour of 25 February 1962 – 50 years ago and the last society railtour around the mainlines of Kent with steam. Motive power was King Arthur, Schools, C and H.

AUGUST 2012 ISSUE – 10 page article covering three Club Railtours in 1966/67 using the then new electrics from Euston to reach steam in the North West - with photographs from various Club members.

The tours were
‘The Fellsman’ of 4 June 1966,
‘The Conway Valley’ of 24 September 1966

Photo(Robin Patrick) st Blaenau Festiniog

and ‘The Thames-Tyne Limited’ of 3 June 1967.

The same issue has an article entitled ‘Steam Days at Horsham’ which includes photographs of the LCGB/RCTS ‘Midhurst Belle’ Railtour of 12 October 1964 and the LCGB ‘Wealdsman’ Railtour of 13 June 1965.

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Information from the Metropolitan Police Website
Freedom to photograph/ film

Members of the public and the media do not need a permit to film or photograph in public places and police have no power to stop them filming or photographing incidents or police personnel.

Officers have the power to stop and search a person who they reasonably suspect to be a terrorist. The purpose of the stop and search is to discover whether that person has in their possession anything which may constitute evidence that they are a terrorist.

Officers have the power to view digital images contained in mobile telephones or cameras carried by a person searched under S43 of the Terrorism Act 2000 to discover whether the images constitute evidence that the person is involved in terrorism. Officers also have the power to seize and retain any article found during the search which the officer reasonably suspects may constitute evidence that the person is a terrorist. This includes any mobile telephone or camera containing such evidence.

Officers do not have the power to delete digital images or destroy film at any point during a search.
More details at

"Network Rail welcome Enthusiasts"
Click for Network Rail webpage with advice for station visits

"Train Spotters" harassed in Yorkshire
Click for BBC filmed report

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