Chairman – Robert Burch
Secretary – Martin Kempsell Tele: 01737 765727
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Branch meetings 7.30pm at
Friends Meeting House
Butter Hill
South Street

We invite you to join us by Zoom just before 7.30pm next Wednesday, 9 September
for a presentation by Bryan Cross on
The Peter Bland Collection of Railway Photographs

This is Part 1 of potentially several episodes in which the collection will be explored chronologically, starting in 1946-7 in the British Isles. Peter Bland lived from 1930 to 2009 and was a prodigious railway photographer. Bryan will discuss the location and context of these pictures, and from what we saw in the trial run, it will be a fascinating show.

This is our first Dorking branch Zoom meeting so please forgive any hiccups that occur. Following our normal practice, the meeting will be in two parts (probably around 45 mins each) with a comfort break in the middle. For Zoom, it will be a single meeting, so you won't have to reconnect.

The speaker will be introduced by Dorking chairman Robert Burch.

Audience audio will be muted during the presentation (so we don't hear your phone ringing or dog barking) but you will be able to text questions to the speaker by using the Chat icon at the bottom of your screen. A larger screen will give better results than a smartphone. There are no admission fees - and no raffle.

If you wish to be sent the meeting details, please email Dorking Branch with a short message so that we can send them to you.

When the date and time of the meeting comes, click on the meeting link. This will open a new window or tab in in your browser, and, if you have the Zoom app correctly installed, will launch Zoom into your meeting: otherwise you will be asked to "Launch" or "Download and Install" Zoom. (You may also be offered the possibility of attending the meeting through your browser, but this is not recommended).

We look forward to you joining us on Wednesday.

17th September 2015
Dorking Branch 40th Anniversary Cream Tea at the Bluebell Railway

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